Hypoallergenic claims - True or False

True and False - Hypoallergenic, means "below normal" allergenic. It is a term used to describe items (especially cosmetics and textiles) that cause or are claimed to cause fewer allergic reactions than normal.

Daniadown applies Ultra-Fresh, an antimicrobial and hypoallergenic treatment, during the down cleaning process to add a powerful benefit. Ultra-Fresh actively discourages and destroys many of the bacteria and fungi that create unpleasant smells and staining, keeping items cleaner and fresher. It even helps control dust mites which are a trigger for allergens and asthma. It’s an assurance of long life for the product, and lasting freshness for you and your family.

The following information regarding allergies and down  has been taken from www.downmark.ca website

Concern about allergies to down is a bit of an old wives tale. True allergies to down and feather are quite rare. Most people who believe they are allergic to down or feather are actually allergic to dust mites. We know people who were told they were allergic to down and feather who have been using modern down products for many years with no problems.

High quality downs are put through rigorous cleaning processes which finish with special treatments to insure the down is hypoallergenic. People are usually allergic to dust mites rather than to either down or feather. Using a mite proof pillow protector on new or newly cleaned pillows will eliminate most of these problems.

Some people are under the impression that polyester is a better choice than down for those with allergies. Several independent studies now show that this is not the case. Polyester pillows support dust mites to a greater extent than do down pillows. A study quoted in the British Medical Journal showed that asthmatics did better with down bedding than with polyester.

Link to British Medical Journal studv
Link to New Zealand study

The European Down and Feather Association has a very good article on their web site: they include all sources for the information given. You can read that article at:


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