Our Duvets are made by Daniadown a Canadian company who have been manufacturing duvets for over 45 years. They know what they are doing. They know the importance in using the highest grade of down to create a product that truly lasts for years and years. These down duvets are filled with 96-98% cluster fill. This is a factor that relates the amount of down vs the amount of feather.

Don't be fooled; Remember, a manufacturer can call a duvet a down duvet when it has only 75% cluster fill of down.The smaller the cluster fill number, the lower the grade of down.

The size of the loft of the duvet also affects the pricing. The higher the loft, the more fluffier the duvet and the more luxurious it feels.

The ticking or the covering of the duvet needs to be 100% cotton and at least 280 threads per square inch.The higher thread count does help with the soft feel, but there is a point where too high a thread count can lead to a heavier cover, depending on the weave.

In selecting which weight of duvet you need it basically comes down to a personal preference. For the average sleeper our 4Season weight is perfect. If you are typically hot when you sleep, choose a Summer Weight. If you're usually cold, you may prefer the Winter Weight.

    Twin Double Queen King Super
Dimensions   66"x84" 80"x84" 90"x90" 104"x90" 112"x100"
Summer   16oz 19oz 24oz 27oz 32oz
4 Season   21oz      25oz 31oz 35oz 42oz
Winter   26oz 31oz 39oz 44oz 52oz


 To learn about caring for your duvet : Check out this link