Wool Dryer Balls
Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

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Wool dryer balls are an environmentally friendly and chemical free alternative to dryer sheets or dryer balls made from PVC or Rubber. The natural properties of the solid wool ball draws moisture from the wet clothing and significantly reduces the drying time by separating the clothing as it moves in the dryer.

These dryer balls are made of dye-free felted wool and they come with some pretty amazing benefits:

  • Reduce drying times by up to 50%
  • Will fluff up your clothing
  • Reduce the cost of laundry supplies
  • Can make your clothing smell nice (when used with essential oils or our scented Ultra Fresh Fabric Softener)
  • Are effective at removing static and wrinkles

Mix of Merino & Local wool made in Canada. These balls are sold in a 5 pack where you put all 5 balls into your dryer.