Talesma Tub Mat
Talesma Tub Mat

Talesma Tub Mat

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Talesma bath mat adds sheer luxury and comfort in the bathroom.
1. Bamboo+Cotton Type
  • A rich color palette caters for both classic and more modern preferences.
  • Loomed from a blend of the finest cotton and bamboo to a 600 gsm weight with a dobby border for a subtle finish.
  • With a 60% cotton 40% bamboo ratio, the bamboo in these towels is made from fast-growing grass without the use of pesticides or fungicides.
  • These easy-care bamboo towels are resistant to odor, mold, mildew and bacteria, making them longer lasting.
  • Mat size: 20"x32" 

2. Element-Hydro Cotton Type

  • An advanced weaving process results in thousand Of fine, untwisted loops that make our 100% Hydro Cotton Towels up to 10 times more absorbent than Traditional cotton terry.
  • These Turkish cotton towels are super soft and fast drying too.
  • Element Tub Mat are 1000gsm
  • Large size:20"x32" ,small size:17"x25"