• Allied Down Wash

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    Premium and environmentally responsible Palm Oil free detergent for all down clothing and bedding products. With added blends of essential oils of Pine, Fir and Redwood with notes of Citrusy Conifer, Ocean Air and resinous Pine foraged and distilled in California.

    For over 30 years, ALLIED has been the premier supplier of responsibly sourced and sustainably processed down to the finest and most technical brands worldwide. ALLIED’s Down Wash was developed from decades of experience cleaning down to provide a home laundry detergent capable of cleaning down products to help extend the life, comfort and performance for years to come. 

    Certified Palm Oil Free and lightly scented with essential oils foraged from the California Sierras by Juniper Ridge. 

    Wash Instructions: 

    * Always follow instructions on products

    • 2 x 40ml capful for full load
    • 1 x 40ml capful for small load

    For best results,

    • Pre-rinse without detergent
    • Wash on low with extra rinse if possible

    Tumble dry low until completely dry Add wool tumble balls to assist in air flow, for best results

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