Mulberry Summer Silk Duvet

Mulberry Summer Silk Duvet

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Once a luxury enjoyed only by Chinese and Japanese nobility, silk-filled duvets have become a North American favourite due to their unique and desirable qualities.  Due to their breathability and light weight, they have fast become a favourite for those who run warm when they sleep.  It drapes beautifully over the body, preventing pockets of cold air from developing, so  you can rest comfortably.

  • This summer weight duvet is suitable for summer months, warmer climates, temperature controlled apartments and condos, and for those who sleep very hot
  • Ultra soft and lightweight for those looking to avoid a heavy-feeling blanket
  • Silk naturally maintains a stable temperature and balances humidity, keeping you evenly tempered, comfortable, and dry
  • Conforms to your shape, draping beautifully over your body and eliminating cold pockets under the cover
  • Natural, highly breathable materials offer excellent air circulation
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Quilting keeps the fill in place, which also enables even distribution of warmth
  • Please note that this duvet is a natural product, but not certified as organic
Dimensions & Composition

Twin 66"x84"
Queen 88"x90"
King 104"x90"

Filling material: 100% hand-stretched mulberry silk
Fabric: unbleached natural cotton
Made in China exclusively for Dream Designs

Product Care
  • Always use a duvet cover, preferably made of natural fibres for enhanced breathability
  • Cannot be soaked in water.  Spot clean with a damp cloth or dry clean as needed, using an eco-friendly dry cleaner whenever possible
  • To reduce germs and odour, and to eliminate the need for dry cleaning, air outside in the direct sunlight a few times per year
  • If being stored when not in use, store in a cotton bag. Storying in polyester or plastic can trap moisture and promote mildew growth